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Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla – Planifolia

Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla – Planifolia As the vanilla industry is facing significant challenges, MC is strategically located in the thick of things being able to offer its clients direct assess and, often more important, direct knowledge as to what is happening on the ground. MC has and is continuing to export vanilla of all grades to the US and Europe while ensuring quality standards which with this year’s quality situation has set itself apart from other exporters. As an organic trader, MC can also offer organic certified vanilla beans sourced through certified suppliers.

Madagascar Whole Cloves

Madagascar is the world’s largest exporter of cloves and MC is located in the main port town of Toamasina for easy export of clove containers.

MC offers its customers throughout the globe, HPS (CG1), CG3, and stems. Ensuring quality in an industry plagued by opportunists, MC accepts only long-term and trustworthy customers.

African Bird’s Eye Chili (Pili-pili or Pilo Kely)

MC organically produces the African Bird’s Eye Chili (ABEC) or Sakay Pilo kely in Malagasy, a Capsicum Frutescens variety, on a project site in Antsirinala, located 10 km from Moramanga. The Capsicum is then dried and/or crushed with its seeds into flakes or powder in the company’s processing plant. MC also monitors the organic production of the chilies through partnerships with local land-owning producers and farmer organizations in the region, on a contract-based agricultural system. MC provides local stakeholders with seeds, technical support, and later purchases the crops generated from these seeds.

Other Madagascar Spices and Pulses

MC offers broken cinnamon (CZ4), Black Pepper (high grade: >500 g/l), and Bæi Rose (category I or II). It also facilitates the export of black eye beans in collaboration with its partner in the northwest of Madagascar.

MC has and can also offer the service of quality inspections of product on the behalf and request of the buyer prior to shipment. For more information on these products and this service, please contact us.