About Us

Madagascar offers the perfect ground for the flourishing of certain plants, which are used to produce several spices and pulses. Moreover, its peculiar environment gives them flavours and aromas that are, rightfully so, deemed unique. Spices sourced from the island are very much sought after overseas, but it has many others high end products to offer. Our commitment ? Get you that quality delivered.

Our approach

MC aims to generate further momentum and synergies with existing and growing spice suppliers in Madagascar. Rather than looking to create new supply chains and starting from ground zero, MC looks to assist, improve, and further develop existing supply chains by offering financial, management, logistic, and product quality support.

MC is able to create alliances with suppliers rather than becoming their competitor. Through these synergies, MC’s network grows exponentially through each supplier’s own networks. MC facilitates commerce not only for international customers but for local suppliers of all sizes

Our story

After serving as a US Peace Corps volunteer in Madagascar, MC was created in 2009 by an American with the initial aim to help advise and facilitate business for English speaking companies.  The founder then crossed paths with a host country national with extensive knowledge and experience in agricultural products while also possessing a similar business educational background.

After much conversation and brainstorming in 2013, they decided to join forces in 2014 and began to focus on global agricultural commodity trade emphasizing quality, service, and integrity.

Meet the team

Danny Hervol

Executive Director

With an MBA focusing in Global Management, Mr. Hervol has over 11-years experience working in Madagascar. Fluent in multiple local dialects, he is able to effectually navigate through the business climate of Madagascar. Mr. Hervol continues to grow and maintain an extensive network of suppliers and service providers in Madagascar and customers abroad. He has nearly eight years experience working in the vanilla industry.

Mia Rajaona

Head of Operations

With Masters degrees in both international business and agriculture, Mrs. Rajaona possesses a unique and highly valuable repertoire working in the global agribusiness industry. Fluent in multiple languages, Mrs. Rajaona spearheads all operations from local and international logistics to quality control throughout the supply chain. She also holds the position of Treasurer for the GEGM while also being a YALI fellow.